Helsinki Committee – 2005

FYROM failed Vraniskovski test


New Europe Brussels team

21.08.2005 – 00:00

The Helsinki Committee of Human Rights in FYROM accused the state of restricting the right and freedom of religion in the case of the former bishop of the FYROM Orthodox Church, Jovan Vraniskovski, according to recently. Also, the committee claimed that the courts jeopardised their independence and objectivity. The sentencing of Vraniskovski to a term in prison for his idea of establishing a parallel orthodox church in FYROM, on the pretext of “provoking religious hatred” is another demonstration of the non-secular character of the FYROM state, the committee said. The committee also claimed that the explication of the sentence is a school example of the manifested religious hatred that endangered the objectivity and impartiality of the court.

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